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Since the founding of our company in 2013, we have been carrying out all of our activities following our basic management philosophy, which commits us to making a contribution through our business operations to improving the lives of people around the world, and to the further progress of society. Always making “people” central to our activities, and thereby focusing on “people’s lives,” we will continue to provide better living for our customers. And what we are aiming for now is to expand our contribution to “better living” everywhere. This means that in the variety of spaces where our customers go about their lives, ranging from ecigarette, hair tool, vacuum fresh container to intelligent robot, and will work to combine these strengths by pursuing “Healthy ,efficient and intelligent life.” Going forward, we will leverage the strengths that we Goodly have long developed in our consumer electronics business, and the strengths of our business partners who have in-depth expertise in various space. So please stay tuned to Goodly.


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    2019 Spring Festival holiday notice

    Dear sir/madam, How a nice day! The chinese traditional spring festival is coming. We will have a vacation from february 4th to february 10th, If you have something you can send me by e-mail. I hope we can co-operate more in the next year. If you have any business don't hesitate to contact with me. Take my best regards to you and your family.

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    The difference between electronic cigarette and real cigarette

    Nowadays, work pressure is getting bigger and bigger, causing many people to start decompression or refreshing through smoking, and the proportion of women smoking is increasing year by year, and the age of smoking people is getting smaller and smaller. The dangers of smoking are very clear. The carbon monoxide and tar contained in tobacco are very harmful to the human body. The biggest danger is cancer. For health reasons,

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    E-cigarette industry has broad prospects

    Electronic cigarette is an electronic product that imitates traditional cigarettes. It is mainly composed of components such as batteries, atomizers and plastic parts. E-cigarettes are mainly divided into smoking cessation categories and cigarette substitutes. Among them, cigarette substitute products mainly use special means such as atomization to turn steam, smoked rods into steam for users to smoke. It has smoke, taste an

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    Analysis of the development prospects of the e-cigarette industry

    The electronic cigarette industry is good news, the industry will grow steadily, and electronic cigarettes are substitutes for traditional cigarettes. They are mainly composed of atomizers, power cabins and batteries. The electronic cigarette does not need to be burned, and most of it is powered by a rechargeable lithium polymer battery. The current is atomized by the atomizer to atomize the smoke in the atomizer, simulating

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    Why is the amount of e-cigarette smoke getting smaller?

    When many e-cigarette users just use e-cigarettes, the amount of smoke is very large, and then the amount of smoke becomes smaller when pumping for a long time. Why? Today, Xiaobian came to talk to you about why the amount of e-cigarette smoke is getting smaller and smaller, and its solution! The first reason for the small amount of smoke at the beginning is probably a quality problem. The atomizer heating

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    What is the big smoke in e-cigarettes?

    At present, there is a big smoke electronic cigarette in the e-cigarette market. What is the difference between the large smoke electronic cigarette and the traditional electronic cigarette? The biggest characteristic of this kind of cbd cartridge is that the amount of smoke is large, not only the amount of smoke is large, but also the atomizer is large. Not to mention bigger than traditional cigarettes. The biggest advan

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