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What is the big smoke in e-cigarettes?

TIME: 2019/1/20 22:05:27

At present, there is a big smoke electronic cigarette in the e-cigarette market. What is the difference between the large smoke electronic cigarette and the traditional electronic cigarette?

The biggest characteristic of this kind of cbd cartridge is that the amount of smoke is large, not only the amount of smoke is large, but also the atomizer is large. Not to mention bigger than traditional cigarettes. The biggest advantage of this kind of large electronic cigarette is that it is a large amount of smoke, and it is very popular. For those who are new to e-cigarettes, they may not be able to receive it because the amount of traditional cigarette smoke is usually very small. Suddenly, the amount of smoke is very large, and it is still difficult to accept psychologically. The principle of large smoke electronic cigarettes is almost the same as ordinary electronic cigarettes. The biggest difference is that the battery capacity is large, the atomizer is improved, the heating wire is better than before, and the smoke oil is installed more. The principle is still the same, or it is powered by a battery, and the atomizer heats up to produce smoke.

There are many factors affecting the size of e-cigarette smoke, not only the problem of smoke liquid, but also other factors. Let's share some of the influencing factors of heavy smoke:

1. The proportion of PG/VG (PG refers to propylene glycol, VG glycerol) in the smoke liquid, and the most important influence on the amount of smoke is VG. The content of VG is high and the smoke will be large.

2. Battery voltage: When the current is constant and the resistance value is constant, the larger the voltage, the larger the amount of smoke. Because the higher the voltage, he can evaporate more smoke oil in a shorter period of time, thus generating a large amount of smoke.

3, the atomization core resistance value: the current is constant, the voltage is constant, the lower the resistance value, the greater the amount of smoke. In this case, a high quality atomizing core is required.

4. Current: The amount of smoke is also related to the current. When the voltage is constant and the resistance is constant, the larger the current, the larger the amount of smoke.

5, the lung capacity of the electronic smoker: the absorption of high-power electronic cigarettes, it has a lot to do with a person's lung capacity. A person with a large lung capacity takes a bite and the steam rolls; a person with a small lung capacity takes a bite and the steam is a little bit.

In fact, the above mentioned factors affecting the impact of the big smoke, everyone should understand, if you have strong physical knowledge, you can personally transform a large smoke cbd oil cartridge. At present, most foreign players are big smokes that they have transformed themselves. It seems that they are particularly shocking! The principle has been shared with you and I hope to help everyone.

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