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Why is the amount of e-cigarette smoke getting smaller?

TIME: 2019/1/21 22:39:45

When many e-cigarette users just use e-cigarettes, the amount of smoke is very large, and then the amount of smoke becomes smaller when pumping for a long time. Why? Today, Xiaobian came to talk to you about why the amount of e-cigarette smoke is getting smaller and smaller, and its solution!

The first reason for the small amount of smoke at the beginning is probably a quality problem.

The atomizer heating wire resistance parameter used by the electronic cigarette manufacturer is too, or the guide cotton is not well-conductive, the quality of the power supply battery is not good, the oil leakage is excessive or even the oil leakage, etc., the quality of the smoke will be small, one-time The amount of smoke in the simulated smoke is relatively small. There is nothing wrong with this solution, only a good quality product.

Second, it is that your e-cigarette may be used over a period of time to produce less smoke.

The problem may be that the atomizer is blocked, the carbon guide is burned, and the cotton is burnt. In order to solve this problem, there is a very simple solution: cleaning. This is to rinse the atomizer with hot water and then blow dry.

Third, the parameters of the battery voltage and the atomizer resistance are not matched correctly.

For example, the atomizer of your e-cigarette has a low resistance and the battery cannot be driven to produce smoke.

Fourth, there is another problem with smoke oil.

The glycerin (VG) content of the smoke oil is very low, resulting in very small smoke, as we know that VG is the substance that provides the right amount of steam from the electronic cigarette. Less than 20% VG electronic liquid does not normally produce the required amount of steam.

Factors affecting the size of e-cigarette smoke

According to the network, the size of smoke has always been an important indicator for evaluating electronic cigarettes. There are many factors that affect the size of e-cigarette smoke, not just the problem of smoke.

1, the proportion of PG / VG in the smoke liquid: I have to say that the smoke liquid is indeed an important factor affecting the size of the smoke, (Note: PG refers to propylene glycol, glycerol refers to VG) VG high smoke will be large.

2. Battery voltage: When the current is constant and the resistance value is constant, the larger the voltage, the larger the amount of smoke. The regulated electronic pyrotechnics exploded in 2013. The typical product model is EGO-V, the popular V3 electronic cigarette on the market, with digital display and current display.

3, the atomization core resistance value: the current is constant, the voltage is constant, the lower the resistance value, the greater the amount of smoke. The EGO series of electronic cigarettes is routinely 1.6-2.5 ohms. 3.0Ω is still used less, because the resistance is high, the amount of smoke is small, and it is not easy to suck. As technology matures and demand rises, resistance can be made lower and lower. It actually achieved a few ohms. You can play with a big smoke, take a breath and spit it out, and steam wraps your head. Also don't pursue the extremely small resistance, he will let your oil absorption speed not keep up with your oil guiding speed, the result is obvious.

4, the lung capacity of the electronic smoker: the EGO series of electronic cigarettes, the difference is not very obvious. Absorption of high-power electronic cigarettes has a lot to do with a person's lung capacity. A person with a large lung capacity takes a bite and the steam rolls; a person with a small lung capacity takes a bite and the steam is a little bit.

5. Airflow: Under certain circumstances, the airflow is large and the smoke is large. Before 2014, the e-cigarette industry did not have the concept of airflow. As long as it was ventilated, it could not be closed.

How many of these factors will help you to increase the size of the smoke, specific details have not been mentioned, such as oil-conducting materials, etc., but these are more necessary knowledge.

In short, if you want to enjoy the benefits of cbd vape cartridge, pay attention to the quality when purchasing and choose the appropriate e-cigarette equipment according to the above points, I believe you will fall in love with e-cigarettes to enjoy the fun of e-cigarettes!

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