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The difference between electronic cigarette and real cigarette

TIME: 2019/1/24 17:41:42

Nowadays, work pressure is getting bigger and bigger, causing many people to start decompression or refreshing through smoking, and the proportion of women smoking is increasing year by year, and the age of smoking people is getting smaller and smaller. The dangers of smoking are very clear. The carbon monoxide and tar contained in tobacco are very harmful to the human body. The biggest danger is cancer. For health reasons, smoking cessation is imperative. Many friends who want to quit smoking will Choosing to use electronic cigarettes instead of tobacco, what is the electronic cigarette? What is the difference between e-cigarettes and real cigarettes?

E-cigarette is an electronic product that works mainly by a battery-driven atomizer that converts smoke oil into steam to simulate the smoke and taste of traditional tobacco. Electronic cigarettes are usually divided into two parts, the separate tobacco rod and atomizer. There is a smoke tank in the atomizer. Users can add their own smoke oil according to their own preferences, but the smoke oil actually contains nicotine, but it does not contain tar components that are very harmful to the human body, that is, no carcinogens. It mainly reduces the dependence on tobacco by reducing the amount of inhalation of nicotine, and finally achieves the purpose of quitting smoking. It can also be understood that e-cigarette is an auxiliary tool for quitting smoking. It solves the psychological addiction by using nicotine to solve the body's addictiveness to tobacco and using the smoke simulated by the atomizer. Since e-cigarettes do not contain tar, there is still a difference in taste and true tobacco.

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What is the difference between e-cigarette and real cigarette? Let's analyze it briefly.

The first is that cbd cartridge contain almost no harmful substances such as tar and carbon monoxide, and contain only nicotine. Nicotine itself is not very harmful to the human body, but it has an addictive effect on the human body. Of course, this is a relative statement, that is, without excessive intake. Excessive intake of nicotine will still be poisoned.

The second difference is that vape cartridge produce almost no second-hand smoke. Even if it is, it is much less than real tobacco, and it does not produce an unpleasant smell. So the smoke produced is almost harmless to the surrounding people.

The biggest difference is that e-cigarette can control the content of nicotine, which is not available in real tobacco. Friends who use smoke electronic to help quit smoking can gradually reduce the amount of cigarette oil in the process of quitting smoking, thus reducing the amount of nicotine used. Finally, the purpose of quitting smoking is achieved.

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